Tundra Fox Marketing sharing a business proposal and pricing with a client

Our pricing philosophy

Tundra Fox Marketing believes all small businesses should have access to cost-effective marketing consulting resources. We operate with very low overhead, allowing us to leverage your available budget dollars to profitably grow your business. Tundra Fox Marketing offers two options to accomplish this.

Option 1 - Small Business Marketing Consulting Services

 Tundra Fox Marketing can work with you and your business on a purely consulting bases with an hourly fee structure. Our billable consulting rate for small businesses is $59 / hour.  For non-profit organizations we offer a discounted rate of $40 / hour.

No charge:

•Travel and expenses (under 60 miles)

•Travel time to and from meetings

•General office supply expenses

Extraordinary charges passed along to clients

•All charges passed through at cost – no markup

•Materials needed for strategy sessions – flip chart paper, markers, props, competitive samples etc. (estimate provided for approval)

•Travel and expenses (over 60 miles) at standard GSA per diem rates (estimate provided for approval)

Option 2 - Execution Oversight of Marketing Solutions

 As required, outside subject matter experts or vendors will be engaged by Tundra Fox Marketing to execute marketing strategy, marketing plans or specific initiatives.

These will be quoted and approved by client and can be:

•Billed direct to client

•Billed through Tundra Fox Marketing LLC

•In either case, charges passed through at cost, no markups

Tundra Fox Marketing oversight / project management costs, if required, will be billed at the consulting rate of $59 / hour. For non-profit organizations we offer a discounted rate of $40 / hour.